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Pixel Calyx Systems is dedicated to providing the best customer service and computer repair available to you. Our technicians are skilled in dealing with all computers and gadgets whether you need home or business computer repairs. Our services also include website building and maintenance from start to finish we will manage your domain, hosting, and perform any updates you require. Our team consists of skilled photographers, developers, computer repair specialists, consultants, and many more!  We can edit photo/video and perform drone fly by’s and do colour correction to enhance your images. 

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We Love Technlogy, And we believe disruptive technology will change the world! 

According to our analytics most website uers are now visiting your pages via mobile web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Etc.

Our web Design team is a hanful of back end-devlopers and a primary creative arts director whos work speaks for itself.

Our Field service technians are ready to be dispatched day/night to service calls within city/ out of city – message us for the standard rate we charge for drivetime, mileage, and labor. Quotes appreciated in CAD, not USD.

Pixel Calyx Systems Inc. 

What  started out as a tiny dream while studying at the UofS for a Computer Science Degree –  sped up the process and turned it into  a reality.  Pixel Calyx is in its infancy stage and it trying to determine which route we will ultimately decide upon. We are your technical services provider and your digital services provider. Our philosophy remains the same –  and our objective is to save you the most amount of money and streamline your computer experience. the job done right the first time.

meaning behind the name: Many pixels make up a visible resolution, systems is what puts it all together, and calyx is the sepal of a flower (in our case its the praire lily flower /  wood flower.

The organisation came into fruitation as a corpration on Feb 14 2018,. We have been fixing computes for over 10 years and our more seniors technicians have up to 30 years of experience in the IT field.

We can handle about any computer and cellphone problem, we are your all in one – technical service provider! 

Slow Computer? 

Probably just a simple tune up, we would reload the operating system as a fresh install, prior to this we will recover your use profile (if possible) than we will restore it on to the fresh install of your operating system so your compute can be running as fast as the day you purchased it!

If you have a old school hard drive it is recommended to switch to the new style of hdd – ssd had drives which will significantly improve boot speed based on the design of how it works.

And Remember Diagnosis is always free – and the no fix no payment policy also applies. 

After we are able to resolve your issue, please do leave us a positive review on google, it really does help us a lot!

Some of Our Clients


Our Expanding Talented Team Is growing, not as fast as bitcoin,  but slow n’ steady.

Hasan Sharif

Founder | IT Analyst

LiTong Ding

Senior Computer Repair Specialist

Mahfuz Islam

Creative Arts Director

Jae Rana

Marketing Analyst | Web Developer

Megan Little

Lead Marketing Team Specialist

Harry Singh

Field Service Tech

Ishrak Islam

Marketing Analyst

Omar Sharif


Tashdid Misha

Field Service Technician

Jerin Sharif

Content Writer

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