Frequently Asked

HI! MY  computer is not working, I tried everything.  

well sir or madam have you tired  =plugging in the device? hmm? try plugging it in..

(Gracefully carreses the technicians cheek before they go. in for the punch in the face or worse a humiliation slap.

believe it or not the first part fof this satement applies quite often. Sometime syour devices can get unplugged.. We perform all the diagnostics and troulbeshoooting steps before trying other options. Time consuming but if your happy at the end of the service, we are too.

Side note: Leave us a cool goolge review – it helps a lot <3 Cheers, Pixel Calyx Team 


Do you provide it support services?

We can visit your home, you are welcome to book drop off your laptop/explain your problem to us in office and lastly we are open to doing commerical IT projetcs. We are slowly branching into this sector of the market and of-course following all COVID proocedures.! (Dont Worry we hve extras) 


Residenial support

PC drop off at our location in Saskatoon or we can send a technician to your home – cost is a little more but we can fix any computer problems, iPhone, glass repair, etc  We adhere to strict COVID-19 procedure  so please wear a mask while we are in doors – this should be a given but this is just a simple disclaimer. 


Small - medium sized business support

-Our team of skilled techs are ready to serve you. Techs located all over the province of Saskatchewan and are hungry for work. We can do various tier1/2/3 level IT, and with assistance from a third-party support we can have the job done within the allocated time (minus un-foreseen delays) 


How much does it cost to build a website?

It depends on the type of website, the amount of pages, if you are wanting e-commerce functionality (Safe Paypal Payment Gateway + Uber/Stripe are very good products as well. Its beter we sit down and we explain the process to you but you are looking at $350+ for a basic website. We will revise it till you are satisfied but we suggest you talk to us first and we can preate a plan that is easier to digest. After the website is up to par with your standards – you own the website. 


website build fees? what is hosting?

A Hosting environment is just a fancy way to say server which is a fancy way to say computer – its where your website (domain name) will live. The benefits of allowing Pixel Calyx manage your website are as follows: $10-20/month (depending on website type) that you will pay annually – approximately $120/ year + GST is owed to us and this includes any changes/updates, minor revisions to your page anytime you request it we will have it done within 24 hours or less. 


Smart mirror project

yes, it’s in progress. life moves quick, good things take time. You are going to adore it when its complete. Wood Frame, mm. You’ll see!

What We Can Do For You

 We are a digital services company, focused on IT Support and ranging from Website Development, to Logo Design, Banners, Brochures, and most importantly we are in the business of “teaching you how to fish” instead of doing “all the fishing for you” , we will thoroughly  outline the process, new systems are always a little confusing but you have our team as support any time of day. 

Business Growth

Develop a plan with your budget and we do quarterly contracts at the minimum. This is focused on managed IT services for commercial – we are able to trvel anywhere you would like us to. We finish the job within the allocated timeline. 

Our techs are on stand-bywaiting for your call. lets finish these pojects 🙂

[email protected]




Social media marketing

You may not think this is relevant, but Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, all these platforms are back links to your business as long as helpful content is being used – you will gain organic customers. its a bad idea to promote a sale over and over, the key is to make relevant content that even you would want to see. 

pay per click optimization

Lets face it, Google is going to only become wealtier? Why? Because you are most likely not taking advantage of a PPC Optimization Expert – they crate multiple group settings with negative and positive keywords in turn maaximising the amount of click your campaign will recieve.  Its fery easy to throw money at google but iwthout the property seo and keyworods and multiple ad sets – good luck. 


Need help converting your current phone system to a premium telephony system based on the cloud – records missed messages straight to your phones inbox for late review. Let us help you upgrade to the future of tech.

Do you need a POS machine or how about secure online gateway on your website – you can accept payment via stripe (payment gateway used by Uber and SkipTheDishes/UberEats) they charge #0.30c / transaction + 2.9% of total value. Not expensive, but not free, regardless – its either this or we build you a shopify website – its a lot more simpler but their own monthly fee. Call / Text us were for you 🙂

Still Have Questions? Get In Touch!

Ask us anything you want, realistically there is no dumb questions and we would be delighted to walk you through the process. If it just your vision you want to portray explain that to us, if its a computer/macbook issue – again -explain it to us – turnaround is usally 1 day if not earlier. Need a logo? Our Photoshop experpt (check out his portoflio) is 💣🔥

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