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Computer-Web Designer

BRANDING & media

Simply simply, branding is a company’s clear and direct promise to its consumers and prospects.

Email marketing

An effective email marketing plan is about the flow and nurturing of your end user so they don’t feel like just another email recipient subjected to an uninteresting company’s bulk email attempts.

content marketing

It’s all about the content. You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” before.

web design

The first impression to your business.

logo design

This small but crucial aspect of your company’s identification can help your brand become a household name or a second-tier commodity. You’ll be glad you hired a pro at this point in the branding process!

tech support

tech support

Supporting Residential and Commercial this is our bread and butter. Make a Request. Tech will drop by. 


Full Service Technical Services provider supporting Canadians. Our technicians are skilled in dealing with all computers and gadgets whether you need home or business computer repairs. Our team consists of skilled photographers, designers, developers, computer repair specialists, consultants, and many more! If you have a technical problem, we have a solution. We are digital nomads. 



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our work


websites builds 

Your online presence is the very first impression that your prospects and customers use to judge your worth as the face of your business and the welcome mat to your home.

It’s the bullhorn you use to promote anything from company offerings to exciting updates and special promotions, and it’s by far the most crucial front-facing component in today’s business environment.

logo design

Our logo designers at Pixel Calyx Systems produce one-of-a-kind designs from the ground up, resulting in a memorable masterpiece that proudly represents your visual brand identity.
There are no shortcuts, templates, clip-art, or other rubbish.



What the heck is seo?

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is an internet marketing method used by practically all website owners. 
Because of the benefits that SEO may provide for a website, it is a very popular marketing strategy service that we provide.

The primary goal of SEO is to improve your website’s organic traffic. 
Visitors who come to a website via search engines like Google or Bing are referred to as organic traffic.

what is on page seo?

This section of SEO is all about your website’s content. It is critical that all of the information on each of your webpages be consistent and concise. When search engines crawl a website, they look at the content quality. This indicates that people choose websites that provide important information to visitors.

what is off page seo?

The majority of this part of SEO is concerned with link building and backlinking. The establishment of links from other websites that direct people to your website is known as link building or backlinking. Websites with a good reputation are favored by search engines because they indicate that the website is a trustworthy source.

Why arent my ads working?

they arent optimized the way they should be, simple as that. You want an expert to curate the placement and determine the audience and post timing required for an efficient pay-per-click advertising campaign.

what kind of social media packages do you have?

do you carry physical stock?

no, but we highly recommend Memory Express nearby meidl honda on circle drive. 

my computer is broken can someone help me right now?

one of our trained technicians can be at your residence/business the same day you make a request, we offer comptetive rates and free diagnosis

i need a logo asap how soon can you get me it?

our designer custom designs you a logo with over 40 years experience as a freelancer and working for companies such as pesi, rest be assured we wont stop curating the logo until we are both satisfied with the end result. 

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