What is a “robo-taxi”?

What is a “robo-taxi”?

Robo-taxis are autonomous vehicle(s) otherwise referred to as a “driverless taxi” or a “driverless car”. Fully Self – Driving Taxis will be Level 5 autonomous vehicles initially* sold in fleets to businesses & Ride sharing companies.

These self driving vehicles or driverless cars have been hypothesized to completely revolutionize the auto industry and Elon Musk leads the pack in this.- This is an article for another time 🙂 

 Other manufacturers are playing keep-up but we are looking at a carbon tax paying future – so electricity ultimately makes sense (especially with the green energy initiative in Canada)  but it’s easier to talk the good talk, but much harder to walk the good walk. if you understand what I am trying to say 😉 

The normal result of this cycle = (the yin) transportation service revolution + Reduce Carbon Emission Problem and (the yang) to follow: job destruction. 

Legacy Systems = C02 Problem

This advanced form of technology will have most services be electrically powered or be in use by electric cars. Considering the deficient in gasoline this positively affects our carbon footprints. Gasoline is a type of fossil fuel/energy source, when fossil fuels are burned they release Co2 emissions up and into our atmosphere. Co2(carbon dioxide) is something all living organisms need to function for example; respiration. Co2 traps the heat in our atmosphere as a natural way the earth heats itself up. The ignorant release of fossil fuel emissions causes excessive amounts of Co2 to become trapped in our atmosphere without enough living organisms to recycle it, which leads us to global warming and climate change issues. “Robo-taxi” is an electrically powered vehicle. Cars cause humans to release a lot of Co2 emissions, in 2018 28.2% of Co2 emissions released by humans were because of gasoline powered cars

Electric powered vehicles can easily break down one of the largest human carbon contributor and help our planet <3 .

Smoke of chimney writing CO2 in the sky

The Future is Robo-Taxis

The future is Autonomous vehicle transportation whether you like it or not. 

Hasan Sharif

This form of transport will prove to be a more cost effective solution in the near future. Revolutionizing the way we receive goods and services all while reducing cost of transportation for consumers but also killing jobs for many? It’s packed up – yep. But what Uber/Ride Share Companies did to Taxi Companies changed the game.  

and companies, and is an environmentally friendly alternative. It is greatly expected to see the majority of drivers and transportations become electric powered as well as the possibility of Robotaxi hybrids by the year 2030. Over 81% of people in China, 52% of americans, and 60% of residents in france have reported an interest or willingness in using and purchasing an electric vehicle and robotaxi. What was once seen as a commercial reality will become the future of transportation in a way that will forever advance our ability to thrive better as a species. 

The information written above is simply an educated prediction, there is no way of having a 100% right answer as this plan is still yet to happen

Written by Jerin Sharif March 12 2021

Did Mr. Mars Patel Make the right decision in going to mars?

Did Mr. Mars Patel Make the right decision in going to mars?

Mars Patel did not make a mistake.

 By Jerin Sharif February 27 2021 – Research Article for class | Did Mr. Mars Patel Make the right decision in going to mars?  

Soaring high and above the stars with an unknown bionic ability in hopes to save your friends with a coarse start to your plan. Never did a middle school outcast believe he would lead himself to this point.  

The disappearance of the Mars Patel podcast is a story of a group of 11 year olds trying to pinpoint the blame on the sudden disappearance of their friends. The more they questioned the deeper they fell into the contorted plan of a competent man going by the name Oliver Pruitt.

Mars Patel and his friends find themselves faced with two options in a deal with Mr. Pruitt about the astrological school, Pruitt Prep. Being consumed by guilt, Mars Patel makes a compromise with the powerful man to allow his friends a safe way out, leaving Mars to attend a hidden school that specializes in the supernatural procreated by none other than Oliver Pruit

Would you attend Pruitt Prep? Given the extreme opportunity I find myself undoubtedly answering yes. I acknowledge the vulnerability you could in fact put yourself in but I also take in the knowledge of a malignant power, attending a school that specializes in the supernatural, and the thrilling understanding between working in spite, or willingly working alongside a man with a school existing higher than some will ever tra

In the Mars Patel podcast The group of kids in search of their friends make their way onto an island that supposedly is where Pruitt Prep is known to exist. While on this island they realize they are experiencing a certain skill unique to them, become incredibly enhanced. Mars Patel was deemed the only one unable to experience or perceive his capability.

A few of the powers the kids experienced were, invincibility, mind reading, and advanced intelligence. They perceived these abilities through obstacles they dealt with while in search of this magical school. The idea of an ability unique to you in whatever way, suddenly becoming of your knowledge, is entrancing. Any form of supernatural ability ranging from physically traveling elsewhere to being able to manipulate others with only your mind, that enhancement to anyone, any human can give you so many advantages.

Imagine this, you wake up one morning to find yourself waking up 25 minutes late because you forgot to set your alarm. You will only be late because you take the subway to get to your place of business, so what do you do? Well let’s say you had an enhancement or ability and it was speed, because of this enrichment you are able to ‘’speed walk’’ to your destination with almost 30 minutes of extra sleep and no repercussions.

Even a simple intensification to your hearing lets say, could benefit you in plentiful ways. If I had suddenly woken up one day with an ability like one of the kids in the podcast, I could only hope that my endowment would be telekinesis. Telekinesis, the power to manipulate an object(s) with mind control and not physical power. I myself have intuited a habit of multitasking so i tend to do many or multiple things at once, think of it as you may whether you believe it’s a stressful and unhealthy habit or a productive skill, but we can agree that in my case it makes sense as to why telekinesis is quit winsome to me. At first I may have trouble like it’s typically displayed in movies or books, but training at pruitt prep could only strengthen my power abilities.

Considering pruitt prep is a tuition free private school that specializes specifically in the supernatural with two locations, one being on another literal planet, it would be quite a marveling experience attending there. The first location of pruitt prep is on the island the kids had discovered they each had an inhuman gift unique to them, excluding mars. It was only towards and at the end of the podcast they realized the school itself wasn’t a normal building. It was one that doubled as a rocket ship too, you guessed it the red planet of mars. Now if we were to assume what the schools community was like, it wouldn’t be too far of a guess to assume it would be highly competitive. A bunch of kids with abilities they know no one else has, could most likely inspire a level of cockiness in themselves. 

 Nonetheless you would  be given the opportunity to travel to mars while also able to make some stable relationships with others that could understand you. I think of Pruitt prep as an academy/boarding/private school type of situation. With the option Mars had chosen he made the verdict to not see anyone outside of the people attending that school and working there. Meaning he would ultimately have to stay there overnight. Considering he’s attending a school formulated by an awfully powerful man, you could make the assumption that the overnight part wouldn’t be the worst living situation. Sharing a room of course may not be the most extravagant experience but it is a chance to create allies with others when in such a competitive environment. Because mars patels goal is to save his friend who is on  the planet of mars, most likely she (his friend, aurora) has either found the weak spots of the school or has created a few allies herself with the same intentions as she and him. Mars and Aurora are the only two kids in the story that were a part of the group that discovered their powers but they themselves didn’t seem to have any. I think because we aren’t aware of either party’s ability it is specifically because there’s are extremely powerful, especially Marss ability considering he’s like a leader to the band of kids, he’ll only know if he goes to Pruitt prep. The only question Mars has yet to answer is; how will he go forward. Will he work for a man he used to call his hero? Or will he work against the most vengeful man in the world?

It would be quite understandable if Mars had concluded that working for Oliver pruitt would give him an extremely ambiguously alarming future. Not only is he an untrustworthy man but he has also created an illegal school on a wandering star that has been kept as a secret from the government on this podcast. He has taken kids from all over the world and has specifically taken them to attend his school. Do we know why he has taken these certain kids or what their lives are like in the school? No ,as far as our knowledge of this school expands, we are unaware of either answer to these questions. What we do know is all of these kids have been renamed missing ever since they were “recruited’’ by Mr. pruitt and have had all contact with their friends and family members cut off. There are many more questions with unknown answers as to why and where these kids are and what has happened to them. If mars Patel were to also go down the same path as them, there would be absolutely no way to measure whether he would be physically or mentally safe in this school. While knowing all of this we still don’t know what Oliver Pruitt’s goal and intentions are with this little 11 year old unless we decide to investigate it by accepting his grand invitation or in other words, Mars living up to his end of the deal and working alongside him. Although attending a school with a grandiose secret to almost all, if I were to share my thoughts as to what this indian American minor should do, I would say he should go to mars.

In my personal opinion on this situation and if I were in mars patel’s shoes I would almost indefinitely choose to work alongside our dear Mr Oliver pruitt. We know Oliver pruitt does not have the best history 1n being quite fair, but he did consistently keep his word every time he promised to do something. For references sake he frequently stated and I quote, “to the stars “as a way of telling us the school exists like he conveyed, above the stars. This unforgivingly powerful man has control over whoever he wishes due to his extreme wealth, making him that much more affaciuse in comparison to this compulsive decision making 11 year old. If Mars patel even tries to make an attempt to overthrow Oliver pruitt I will passionately conclude that he will in fact fail. Oliver Pruitt is displayed as a cruel and unforgiving character by the author and was perceived as the villain of this tail,  but why must we see that as a bad thing? We see that villains are always the bad people in books, movies, or shows and almost always side with the other characters we perceive as heroes or, ‘’the good guys’’. When in fact villains are really just the characters that hold a side of the story no one made an effort to understand. For all we know This man’s intentions could be to simply give these kids an experience others won’t be able to have and make them the best version of themselves. Because we don’t know what Mr. pruitts goals really are, we musnt be so unforgiving and draw a picture in our minds that he is planning something harmful to others. To end my thought I would like to mention Mars patel has yet to be physically or mentally harmed while in Mr. Pruitts care, his best and the way I see it, the only option, is to work with this misconceived man. 

The disappearance of the mars Patel podcast displays a number of teens that band together as a group of detectives and follow the trail of the as stated, wealthiest man in existence. Mars patel had made the selfless decision in a deal with Oliver pruitt and still has a strong goal left clear in his mind, Save his friend aurora. As discussed with the information above mars Patel did not make a mistake in accepting the invitation to  attend pruitt prep and his decision has only opened up a door of opportunities necessary for this middle schooler if he wishes any chance in seeing his goal through. If Mars Patel goes to Pruitt prep he will be able to discover his superhuman ability. His power has an extremely high probability of being more influential than the ones recognized by his friends. Attending a school made by and for the wealthy is in fact a gift and something that should be much more appreciated by all of these teenagers. Lastly, I strongly stand by my argument that Oliver Pruitt should not have been seen as the bad guy of this story. He was misunderstood and wrongly interpreted. Putting aside all of this enlightenment, in all honesty Mars only chance of survival is to in fact work with the man he once saw as his own personal hero. Realistically he does not have even the slightest of a chance in single handedly going against this prestigious man. If he can put aside his personal doubting’s about this fellow, he will be able to give himself the best shot in saving Aurora. Mars Patel did not make a mistake.

Global Warming

Global Warming

 Research and Content By: Jerin Sharif | 21/02/22

“Climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.”-

 - Dr. Margaret chan, WHO director-general, https://who.int

Climate Change

The term climate change and global warming are commonly used to define or describe the abnormal changes seen in weather, climate, and temperature patterns on earth.

 Although you could argue these two altercations are similar in numerous ways it is important to take notice of the key definitions and differences each seems to occupy.

 Climate change is a long-term change in the average weather patterns that defines Earth’s local, regional and global climates.

 Global warming is used to refer to the long-term heating of earth’s climate system due to human activities such as fossil fuel burning. Fossil fuels are a highly effective (for now) and environmentally damaging power source we use to heat our cars, run our factories, and supply the electricity in our homes

The simple switch from using a non renewable energy source to a renewable energy source can resolve our climate issues while also ensuring us a healthy planet for years to come!

Oil, Coal & Gas

Oil accounts for 39% of the worlds global energy, coal a fast growing fossil fuel source due to china comes in at 28% of the world’s energy, furthermore natural gas comes in at number three with 22% of the globes energy being primarily linked to temperature variations.

 Oil, Coal, and gas are the top three most commonly used energy sources worldwide. Fossil fuels such as Oil ,coal ,and natural gas are examples of Non renewable energy sources

The reason why Non renewable energy sources are so bad is because they produce carbon dioxide as a byproduct, CO2 then gets trapped into the atmosphere and is the main cause of climate change.

 Fossil fuels are more commonly used instead of a renewable energy source such as electric solar panels because of their efficiency and convenience. Electric solar panels are 2% of the world’s energy source, they produce between 3-25 times less emissions than fossil fuels using the same amount of energy making them extremely beneficial for our earth’s atmosphere and climate issues.

The Bottom Line

 if we continue with fossil fuel energy as our main source, if we switch to renewable energy sources such as solar energy we can expect to see Regions recovering from devastating climate impacts while having the support and funding they need in a short 11 years. 

The bottom line is humanity will not survive without restrictive supply strategies that would directly cut off new fossil fuel expansion.

 In conclusion I believe a renewable energy source such as solar power will certainly be costly but effective in tackling climate change, issues such as weather dependency could ultimately be eliminated overtime while this technology is still developing and advancing. We are still in the infancy stages and don’t forget about the carbon tax launching in 2023 in Canada. The Green Initiative is a real thing. What is that? Click me to learn more.. 

Thus we will be able to create a future in which we will proudly state we took down the 21st century’s greatest threat to global health!

Hope you enjoyed the read. Stay Tuned for more disruptive tech news!

All Research & Writing Credits: Jerin Sharif | Insert Social Media Links 

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